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A security guard (sometimes called a security guard examiner, security guard, or just guarding) is an individual employed by a private or government agency to protect the employing entity's assets (usually property, people, equipment, funds, etc.). They are responsible for keeping the site secure and safe by investigating potential risks and responding to alarms. Some security guards specialize in one or a few areas of responsibility, while others perform all aspects of the job.

Security guard services can be provided by many different companies. A private security firm may hire guards for their company premises. In some instances, they may contract with other security providers to provide services on-site. In other cases, the security firm may provide security services to a third party who hires contractors to provide on-site or off-site security services. The latter type of relationship is usually seen when the security service provider is handling corporate events and/or vacations. Learn the more about Denver courtesy patrol.


Security guards often assume a number of different names and have several different jobs. Their actual duties will depend on which job they are performing for a particular firm. On-site guards are responsible for investigating potential threats to the on-site location of the business. Off-site guards are responsible for providing protection at the location of the business. This type of security guard differs from security personnel in that off-site guards are not typically detailed or deployed to specific locations and are instead stationed at various sites throughout the business.

There are many professional organizations that offer training to security guards. These training programs are typically somewhat organized by the security guard agency and provide instruction in a number of specific areas of security. These programs usually last between four and eight weeks and involve classroom instruction and hands-on application of the knowledge learned in the program. Some of the basic subjects taught in these training programs include basic management and leadership skills, risk management, property management, and statistics. The main objectives of these training programs are to help security guards to become more efficient, confident and dedicated to their profession.

There are also private security guard agencies that provide security services to individuals on a contract basis. The benefit to this type of agency is that the guards are contracted based on an individual's needs rather than on a per-duty basis. For example, a company may hire one security guard on a one-day contract and another person on a two-day contract. Other companies may require their guards to work for a number of different clients per week and even restrict their employees to working only during specified hours. In this case, the security guards perform their duties strictly according to the terms of the contract they have signed with the employer.

As you can see, there are a number of reasons why you should consider security guard services when you need additional security for your business or personal needs. These services allow employers and individuals to reduce the cost associated with providing security for their respective premises. It is also quite easy to find competent security guards who can provide the level of service required by the customer. By evaluating all of these options before hiring any security guards, you can ensure that you get the best services at a reasonable price. Read more about office security.

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